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At Indie Delights – it is our constant endeavor to create great frozen food that is delightfully fresh.
Ready to cook, amazing range of Punjabi Base Gravies which are best solution for restaurants, canteens hotels and institutional canteens.

Choose Any One Product

Khao Khilao Mauj Manao

Eating out and spending time with family and friends is joyful and relaxing. Each one of us is very selective about quality and taste of food and hence started identifying food by its Brand. This simple belief & change in mind set has bought a drastic change in the Indian food business which has turned into the most lucrative business opportunity. We believe that good tasting food is what matters above all. This core belief of ours is aligned with your passion to deliver the best, always. Our success can be attributed to our Fantastic Product Range with highest level of consistency & delivering total value for money. By being dedicated to our associates, all our Team Members have single minded goal to ensure the commercial success of everyone connected to us.


Since 2007 we have been proud enough to serve Indians with some of our delicacies and we believe that success comes from taking up challenges & turning into opportunities. IDPL took up this challenge and today it is one of the most popular and high valued food service institution based in western India. We work in close partnership with our long standing B2B associates and popular Brands, providing consistent business growth. With our strong service orientation, state-f-theart R&D and manufacturing facility, it is our constant endeavor to support your every move to keep customers delightful. We believe in flourishing together enabling ourselves and our associates to spread Love and Happiness. It’s been a wonderful journey and we promise it’s just a beginning with a seasoned commitment to reach overseas market for presence globally. IDPL has USFDA approvals and currently exporting material to USA and Australia.